Olympic Discovery Trail Room | Dungeness Valley Inn

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and adventure at the Olympic Discovery Trail Room in Dungeness Valley Inn. Immerse yourself in a haven designed for nature enthusiasts and trailblazers alike.

Upon entering, feel the invigorating ambiance of the room’s trail-inspired design, featuring captivating murals, maps, and artifacts that pay homage to the Olympic Discovery Trail. The room boasts a thoughtful arrangement of furnishings, ensuring a cozy and rejuvenating stay.

Where Luxury Meets Comfort on the Olympic Discovery Trail

The focal point is the plush queen-sized trundle bed, offering not just a good night’s sleep but also a starting point for your trail dreams. Natural light floods the room, highlighting the intricate trail dioramas that adorn the walls, setting the tone for your outdoor escapades.

Modern amenities elevate your experience, with a flat-screen TV for relaxation and a convenient writing desk for trail planning or business matters. The private in-suite bathroom ensures comfort with fresh towels and complimentary toiletries.

As a trailside retreat, the Olympic Discovery Trail Room provides direct access to the inn’s patio areas, where you can unwind amidst nature. Gather around the fire pit, share trail stories, or plan your next day’s adventure.

Olympic Discovery Room

The Olympic Discovery Trail Room at Dungeness Valley Inn isn’t just a room; it’s a gateway to exploration. Plan your adventures with the convenience of the designated workspace, equipped with trail guides and maps to help you chart your course. After a day of outdoor pursuits, return to the comfort of your room, where the trail-inspired décor continues to evoke the spirit of the Olympic Discovery Trail. With its strategic location and thoughtful amenities, this room is your perfect companion for discovering the scenic wonders and hidden gems along one of the most iconic trails in the Pacific Northwest.