Olympic Game Farm

A Journey Through Nature's Cinema, Where Wildlife Stories Unfold at Every Turn

Driving tours are available 7 days a week. The Farms operates on a first come first served basis.
Most of the animals are wildlife native to the Northwest region. The animals are not hesitant to come up to your vehicle for a slice of bread. This tour takes approximately one hour if you follow the trail and stay in your vehicle. You can, however, spend as much time as you like on the 84-acre farm.

During the tour you will see, Bison, Deer, Llama, Bear as well as birds of various species.

Olympic Game Farm Entry

Preserving Nature's Charm

Embark on a Cinematic Safari, Where Hollywood Meets Habitat, and Wildlife Flourishes in the Heart of Olympic Game Farm.

1. Wildlife Interaction

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience at Olympic Game Farm, where over 200 animals, including bison, deer, llamas, bears, and various bird species, freely roam the 84-acre farm.

2. Hollywood Heritage

Step into the rich history of Olympic Game Farm which played a pivotal role in creating beloved nature films and TV series such as "Charlie the Lonesome Cougar," "The Incredible Journey," "White Wilderness," and "Grizzly Adams."

3. Wildlife-Focused Legacy

Founded by Lloyd and Catherine Beebe, Olympic Game Farm has a heritage rooted in dedication and love for wildlife. Since 1972, the farm has been open to the public, offering a unique blend of entertainment and animal welfare.


With over 200 animals on-site, our driving tour leaves our visitors with vivid memories of these amazing creatures; experiences which, at first are hard to imagine, become pleasantly surprising. Friendly llamas and yak eat bread from your hand, clowning bears stand up and wave, and the elk and buffalo peacefully graze in the pastures.

Olympic Game Farm worked exclusively for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years, filming here at the farm and on the Olympic Peninsula, as well as on many different set locations. A few popular titles produced with our past animal actors are “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar,” “The Incredible Journey,” “White Wilderness,” and “Grizzly Adams” television and movie series. In 2012, we used our black bear “Kitty” and wolf “Brutus” in “Serenity Farms”. In winter of 2013, we used “Kitty” once again in a National Geographic documentary on black bears in the city. Summer of 2014, “Leland” a black tail deer used in the filming of “Captain Fantastic” as well as Olympic Game Farm used as a filming location for a scene.
After the death of Walt and Roy Disney, Disney Studios began to move away from the nature films that had been so dear to Walt’s heart.In 1972, with the approval of Disney Studios for using the Disney name, Olympic Game Farm, Inc. opened to the public. Our founders Lloyd and Catherine Beebe retired from the filming industry and focused solely on caring for their animal actors, concentrating on offering “in need” captive bred animals a new and loving home. Olympic Game Farm will continue to accept in-need wildlife, as space permits and with the proper authority approvals. We cannot accept local animals from the wild without proper permission from Washington State Fish and Wildlife.
Lloyd Beebe passed along his trait, his dedication, and his love for wildlife to his grandsons Robert Beebe and James Beebe, along with their uncle Kenneth Beebe, who have taken over the daily operations of the Olympic Game Farm since 2008.

Thank you for your interest,
Robert L. Beebe
President, OGF