Olympic National Park

Explore Glaciated Peaks, Pristine Forests, and the Legacy of the Majestic Roosevelt Elk

Olympic National Park is rated as one of the best national parks in America. There are an unbelievable number of adventures and things to do. Some are one day trips to Port angles and Hurricane Ridge, Blue Mountain, and Deer Park. These provide the experience of glaciated mountains, pristine forests, abundant wildlife.

A little-known fact about Olympic National Park is that it was originally set up as a measure to help preserve Roosevelt Elk. These elk, name in honor to President Theodore Roosevelt, are the largest elk subspecies residing in North America, some weighing over a thousand pounds.

As you enter Sequim, you will see a sign of the Roosevelt Elk. Elk is seen in the fields on the east end of town and down to the Graymarsh Berry and Lavender Farm.

Hurricane Ridge Two Male Deer
Olympic National Park Entry Sign